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denim jeans art

Portrait made with more than 20,000  little pieces of  Jeans

Art in Jeans represents and symbolizes the unification of social classes, the changes of modern society in all fields such as art, science, technology and permanence  and durability of art over the time. Jeans have become a symbol of rebellion, youth, naturalness and even sexy.

The reason for his success has a lot to do with his cultural significance, his versatility and his ability to adapt to everyone, it is the secret of his survival.

Jeans have crossed the line of time and have been transformed from a garment for the working class to a haute couture garment


"pop Gum"

Pop Gum.jpg


Brooke Shields jeans art.jpg

"brooke Shields"


"my way"


 Jeans Portrait

"sweet me"

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